If you f o r g e t the way to go, and lose where you came from; if n o  o n e is standing beside you, be still and know I am.

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Lost appreciation week: Day 1

↳ Favourite season: 3

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Title: Trek/Travel Theme Compilation
Artist: Michael Giacchino
Album: LOST Soundtrack
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LOST | Trek/Travel Theme Compilation
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Lost Appreciation Week - Day Three: Favorite Episode (1x01 Pilot)

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lost appreciation week: day 5: favorite quotes 

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lost appreciation week
day five: favorite quote

I ask for no forgiveness father for I have not sinned, I have only done what I needed to do to survive. A small boy once asked me if I was a bad man, if I could answer him now I would tell him, that when I was a young boy I killed a man to save my brothers life. I am not sorry for this, I am proud of this. I did not ask for the life that I was given but it was given nonetheless, and with it I did my best.

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mr eko   

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lost appreciation week
day four: favorite relationship

"Jack, I wish you had believed me"

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LOST  t h e n  &  n o w

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